Glitter Happy Birthday Garland

Product Info

It's your birthday, use glitter if you want to. Pre-strung on a neon cord, this Meri Meri birthday garland has enough holographic glitter to satisfy your Ziggy Stardust fantasy. Sparkle on, party people.


Measurements: 8' feet total. 3.75' feet in letter length.
Color: Holographic silver glitter detail.
Additional Information: 13 letter pennants. Pre-strung on neon cord.

About the Brand

“I’ve always loved the process of coming up with an idea and bringing it to life. Imagination is freedom,” Meredithe Stuart-Smith, Meri Meri founder and president.

For over 30 years, from Meredithe creating their first hand-made cards on her kitchen table to the present studio of designers, illustrators and crafters conjuring up party products, decorations, children’s toys and stationery, everything Meri Meri produce undergoes an imaginative evolution, starting with that spark of a new idea through to the careful choice of a finish to make a product perfect.