Feste is a new lifestyle brand, dedicated to celebrating moments big and small.
who we are
Feste is a new lifestyle brand, dedicated to celebrating moments big and small.

With an entirely new approach to gathering, our shops and lovefeste.com will help our guests do more than set a beautiful table. Because for us, it’s about the feeling, the attitude, the vibe. It’s all about setting the scene. We help create that multisensory je ne sais quoi, from what’s in the glass to the rules of the game, through curated kits, à la carte supplies, found vintage wares, and hand-picked local vendors. And with a family of great hosts at the heart of the brand, we’re always eager to lend a helping hand.

Our Mission
Our mission is to inspire people to gather. No occasion necessary.
Our vision
Our vision is to be the essential resource for the modern host.
"Thank goodness for Feste, a new party-in-a-box company that offers up five different party vibes that go beyond just setting the table."
"This brand new NYC-based company pulls together all the best glassware, table decor, party decorations, and everything else you need to host a festive get-together..."
"For a get-together of any size, I always start with the audience in mind," Brenna Gilbert, founder and CEO of Feste.
"...discover and shop the most magical categories of candlesticks to come up with your very own Friendsgiving tablescape decor this year."


Fun Inspiring

When possible, our products should inspire fun. We always think before we sell, how will our guest use this to have a good time?

Irreverent Glamour

It starts with the classics. Then we f#*k it up.

Party Confidence

We help everyone have the party confidence they want through easy shopping experiences, expert advice and tools, and empowerment.

Inclusive Pricing

We’ve created a tiered approach to pricing within our product selection that allows guests of any demographic to join the fun of Feste.

Craft & Sustainability

Artisan craftsmanship and thoughtful sustainability aren’t traditionally things that come to mind when you think of party supplies. We’re here to change that tune.


Feste is a part of the Festive & Co. family, a group of modern lifestyle brands dedicated to celebrating moments big and small. It’s a new approach to events, merging experiential retail with innovative hospitality.

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