Jasmine & Damask Rose Bar Soap


When we renovated the house, I planted climbing Jasmine around the window to the shower. The smell is overwhelming and intoxicating. This was the inspiration for this Bar Soap -  packed with Jasmine and Damask Rose. I believe it’s the most beautiful thing we’ve ever made. Over 12 Essential Oils inside the bar make it layered and exciting. We added in so much of the Garden: Ylang Ylang, Palmarosa, Sweet Orange flower, Bitter Orange Leaf, Cedarwood, Prickly Pear from Arizona, Bergamot grown wild on the coast of the Ionian Sea, Brazilian Babassu, and Olive Oils.

Our Jasmine comes from a third-generation Egyptian farm. In the middle of the night, the Jasmine begins to bloom. Right when the day breaks, the small flower is hand-collected and distilled right as the bud begins to open. What results is an aromatic miracle — musky with a honey-like undertone. 

Packed full of Garden ingredients, this recipe is hyper-simple, but the process is not – everything is truly made by hand and sourced from a fully traceable collection of growers. One important example is our Babassu Oil, which we sourced as an alternative to dreadful Palm Oil. It is harvested on the perimeter of the rainforest in Brazil by local communities, rather than industrialized. The seeds are gathered by a collective of Indigenous women who use the funds to directly support their families and community.