Garden Essentials Noir Earth Bar Soap


This is one of the most unique Soaps we make. The fragrance is outrageous – the aroma fills a room even when it’s not being used. Black like the night, this Bar Soap purifies the skin with Sage and activated Charcoal; then, regenerative California Lavender warms and soothes you into reverie.

The aroma of the Soap is 100% Essential Oil of Lavender and Black Sage Hydrosol, gently folded into a base of Charcoal, Babassu, and Olive Oil. It is crafted lovingly by hand with ancient soap-making practices. It will transform the way you bathe, and you’ll feel it on your body the whole day.

A little about our Lavender: in the early eighties Donna Bayliss of Bayliss Ranch transformed a fourth-generation rice farm into a mecca for organic Botanicals. She’s the godmother of Lavender, investing her life into making the most pure, fragrant varietal in the States.

Packed full of Garden ingredients, this recipe is hyper-simple, but the process is not – everything is truly made by hand and sourced from a fully traceable collection of growers. One important example is our Babassu Oil, which we sourced as an alternative to dreadful Palm Oil. It is harvested on the perimeter of the rainforest in Brazil by local communities, rather than industrialized. The seeds are gathered by a collective of Indigenous women who use the funds to directly support their families and community.