Euphoria Body Lotion

Product Info

Like the finest Italian velvet on an old leather jacket. Our Avocado Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, Shea Butter, and Oat Extract create an unusual softness and texture.

Avocado Oil
Rich in fatty acids and vitamins to soothe and moisturize skin

Jojoba Seed Oil
Acts as an emollient to help maintain moisture levels

Shea Butter
Contains antioxidants and fatty acids to nourish and moisturize skin

How to use:
Massage onto freshly-bathed skin for a healthier, replenished sheen.
About the Brand

A place to bathe, eat, and bask in the garden’s most precious ingredients.
In the early 1940s, a determined pair of young renegades arrived in California to realize their vision of an earthly paradise. High atop the hills of Los Angeles, hidden by a lush orchard and dense gardens, the flamingo-pink estate became a hedonistic enclave of sun-worship, folk mythologies, and psychedelic remedies — a secret haven for wild alchemy in the City of Angels.

Now Flamingo Estate is the home of Richard Christiansen, and, in the spirit of its origins, a radical celebration of pleasure from the garden. We carefully cultivate Mother Nature’s wildest, most precious gifts, at a time when we need them most.