Resin Pedestal Bowl

$60.00 $100.00
Product Info

Fill with you choice of pomegranates, lemons and limes, punch, Miller High Life's, disco balls, dealers choice. We love a multipurpose item, and this resin pedestal bowl in a variety of colors from forward thinking Mexican designers, CDMX design does just the trick. Only choice is what color suits your fancy.


Handmade resin pedestal bowl.

Measurements: 6” diameter x 5” tall.

Food and dishwasher safe.

Individually hand made and detailed in Mexico.

About the Brand

Captivated by the wealth of sophisticated, bold and forward-thinking Mexican design, CDMX Design was established to introduce and distribute the work of emerging and esteemed Mexican designers to the US and Canadian market.

The artistic vision we see from Mexico is progressive and modern; in both design and ethos. The connection each designer has to their community, culture and history is with genuine spirit and moral conscience. Through design innovation, a modern aesthetic and an intriguing allude to Mexican history and culture, a fresh and unique style was born. This fusion of style has created a symbiotic relationship between this new generation of designers and traditional artisans as their craft and skill is applied to the production of modern design. This symbiosis sustains the work and trade of traditional artisan communities and imbues each design with an important piece of Mexican craft, culture and heritage.