BASIC AF - Base Game

■ PLAY TOGETHER: Best played together with a group of 4-10 girls on your ladies night, Bachelorette party or just cuz. The sassiest party card game that has ever released so far. Find out which one of your friends is “most likely to…” bring a flask to work, disappear with the Channing Tatum look-alike, and other hilarious Basic tropes. This fresh pack of cards is sure to be a big hit for any girls' night! ■ STAY IN: Basic is a must-have for family gatherings, trips, and vacations. Basic is perfect for your ladies game night or an on the go trip to Lululemon. Have fun discovering things about your friends. Each of these games comes with a base pack, a starter pack, a mini pack, a go pack, and an extension pack for you to choose from. WARNING! Highly addictive.