My friend Lindsay has the kind of southern accent that is so soothing to listen to that it sometimes makes you miss what she’s saying for a second.

“Wait, did you just say that you used your wedding planner for your daughter’s baby shower?” I sputtered out over my margarita (salted, on the rocks, obviously).

“Well, it was that or figure it out on Etsy, and I have a full-time job,” she shrugged casually, as though she had not just short-circuited my entire brain.

Welcome to the Thunderdome. You want to have a great event. It needs to be effortless, be nice enough that your friends will Instagram it, be original and tasteful enough that it’s not cheugy (yea, yea, I hated it as soon as I said it), but you also want to live your life and not spend your entire weekend hand-embroidering heirloom gourds.

Choose your own event adventure.

You can pay a full-service event planner. And honestly, they’re amazing. They will hold your hand. They will handle every vendor. They will have ideas you’ve never dreamed to do. But it can be very expensive, and I can assure you, they feel very intimidating for a casual dinner party or for people who haven’t entertained before. I have a 25 year old brother who lives in Salt Lake City. There is no way he is calling an event planner for the next time his in-laws are in town.

Or you can DIY this. You can troll the darkness of the intrawebs for décor, sort through thousands of Etsy postings, pull together boxes from Amazon, brave the big box stores for Home Goods treasures, and style this yourself. Somewhere in the middle, you may have alienated your loved ones because they are not using the heat embosser the way that you imagined (true story: heat embossers are magic, but quality control is important.)

Enter Feste.

Sometimes you need just a little advice. Like calling your stylish best friend who has all the advice you need, our 1-hour consultation service breaks down the inaccessible and unaffordable barriers between top event designers and clients. Traditional design packages require you to commit to the full event planning. We’re here to listen to what you need, brainstorm with you, and help set you on the right path.

Got champagne tastes on that beer budget? Not to worry.

This package allows you to access to personalized advice, vendor guidance, and one-on-one support from event experts without a big budget or a full-scale service requirement. Personalized design, à la carte.

A perfect service if you’re looking for the expertise and advice of experienced event designers, but don’t need full service planning and installation. We can partner with you to brainstorm your event, think through a tricky set up, or support you in finding the right vendor. Pairs well with our hourly coordination and installation services (available in select markets).

Wondering what’s included?

Prior to your time with us, we do a full-intake form to understand what you’re looking for and to learn about your space, considerations, event, and requirements. We work best if you come prepared with any inspiration you love, photos of the space, or ideas that are important for you to incorporate!

After our time together, you will receive a Custom Event Design brief with sketches and mood board, as well as a personalized follow up with recommendations, including local vendors with partner pricing. All guests will receive a special code for 15% off Feste product (valid upon purchase).  

If you’re looking for more than just a little advice, let us know. We also offer Full Service Design.  Whether you’re looking a creative partner to help you plan your event from scratch or looking for a sounding board to help elevate your hosting style, our team is here to bring it to life. We’re here for a good time, and to help you have one too! Available in select markets. Please contact us at

November 10, 2021 — Brenna Gilbert