There's a lot of tired tropes on tables across the country this time of year. We say, leave the cornucopia to the crafters (truly, who has time to cook AND DIY on Thanksgiving) and elevate your table with a few of our Feste-Giving favorites.

Our team gathered round and shared stories of Thanksgiving merriment, and we’ve heard everything from mother’s snail mailing centerpieces and hosting essentials to ship to a first-time hostess, to aunts arguing about the merits of disposable plates vs. using fine china, to ordering takeout or going to the farm to pick out your bird.  No matter where your family comes into this picture, we’ve got your back, babe.

Whether it’s your first time hosting, or you set a 12-hour timer to brine your turkey before beginning the 6am cook, you always want to make your table look special and give your guests something to remember. Here are a few of our favorite ideas to spruce up your home for Thanksgiving:

Bring the outdoors in  

Have guests traveling from out of town? Great. Make them feel at home by bringing the natural flora and fauna from the outside in. Gather logs, branches, leaves, and flowers from the best yard in the cul-de-sac (we won’t tell your neighbors, just kidding ask for permission first) and make your guests feel rooted in where they are.

A little sparkle goes a long way

Who said sparkle had to come from fire? Swap fire logs with disco balls this season for a dynamic element in your home. After a few drinks and too much turkey, it’s easy to turn your spot into a dancefloor. Our favorite way to burn off your Thanksgiving meal.

Centerpiece gets an upgrade

Retire the cornucopia this year and replace with a bold bust for extra flair, add candles of different dimensions for an intimate vibe, (see Zoe Report feature here), or use food as the table runner – Thanksgiving is all about the food anyway, why not be “extra” about it.

Disposables make a comeback

As someone who firmly believes in elevating the ordinary – we’re a huge fan of whipping out your fine crystal for your favorite takeout eggroll and noodles, I never thought I’d be writing these words, but it’s true. Disposables are making a comeback with elevated patterns, and we are a big proponent of the easy cleanup they provide. Less cleanup means more time to interact.

There’s even more inspiration available via our curated Thanksgiving looks. See more here.

November 17, 2021 — Corianna Lehrman