Welcome to your behind-the-scenes content with tips and tricks for how to host your best party yet.

The Scene: In the Name of Decadence

It’s dusk and the party is just getting started. Inside and out our guests glow by the gilded candlelight of a glamorously set table, piled high in decedent gluttony. Here we don’t pop champagne. We saber. And the fun begins. Our guests turn into revellious rebels, the tables and chairs their stage for misbehavior. It’s glambut they certainly don’t give a damn. Heals on the tables. Candelabras become microphones. Candles are their lighters.

What's in the box

Hero: Bust Statue

Champagne Saber

Tinsel Fringe Garland

Mini Glitter Crowns (8)

Playing Cards

Six Hour Tealight (12)

Gauze Table Runner

Gold Rim Julep Cup Vase (3)

Wood Muddler

PLUS Gifts from us to you

How to Style a Bust

Dress your bust for the occasion. Black tie, anyone?

Use it everyday on your coffee table.

Decorate the decoration.

Include it in your tablescape. She looks great in candlelight.

For us, a great party is so much more than how you set the table.

It's about setting the whole scene.

Unpack the Fun
The party starts when you open the box.
It's a party, send an invite.
Whether it’s a party of two or a full house, great events are best paired with good company.
Scale it up or down
Add Nana’s china, flowers from the local grocer, or our à la carte party extras to take things to the next level.
From a five-course dinner to a simple spritz, sustenance is a must. We have a penchant for fried chicken and champers.
Play never-have-I-ever. Saber champagne. Bring back spin-the bottle. A touch of fun makes it memorable.
Pop the party cracker and voila, you’ve got the gift of gab.
The party doesn’t stop when it’s over. Put it all back in the box, and let’s do this again soon.

Set the Scene
Our favorite way to scale our Scenes up and down. We can’t wait to see how you #makeascene.
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Our Feste Styling Tips

Suggested attire and styling for your at home gala.

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