Summer is here and we are ready to party. Luckily, we have great friends of Feste who share our enthusiasm for an over-the-top al fresco dining experience and an aesthetically packed picnic basket.

Feste x Alimentari Basket


In continuing our partnership with Alimentari Flaneur, we are teaming up to create an all-in-one experience to take you from shopping in-store at Feste straight to the coast of Italy – without ever leaving the city. Stuffed with artisanal produce, pantry products and candles and accoutrement from Feste to set the scene, these baskets, personally hand-crafted by the founder of Alimentari Flaneur himself, will be available in store this Friday and Saturday from noon until we sell out. 

Here is how our staff is making use of their Alimentari for Feste baskets this weekend. 

Congratulatory Gift for a Friend

“My best friend just finished grad school and I am hosting a celebratory dinner for her. Since this will be one of my first times trying my hand at hosting, I need help with the essentials. This basket will be perfect for getting me started and creating a memorable night for my friends.”

-Alex Munno, Special Project Coordinator

Beach Day with the Kids

“On my day off from the restaurant, I love to spend time at Rockaway Beach, surfing with my kids. We can make a day out of it, by packing a picnic with our Alimentari for Feste basket. Instead of the normal beachside fare, the elevated meal will make it special.”

-Markus Carlson, General Manager of Champers Social Club


Bro Picnic in the Park

“I’m hitting up Sheep’s Meadow in Central Park this weekend. I’m laying down a blanket and throwing a park party for my friends. We usually play lawn games and drink beer, but the curated basket meal will be a great addition.”

-Bafo Joseph, Manager of Champers Social Club


Surprise Visit to Mom

“My mom loves a sweet surprise. If I lived in the city, I would stop by Feste, create my custom basket, and deliver it to her as a gift. We could use the candles to set the table and the produce to cook a meal together.”

-Shelby Barnes, Director of Ecommerce

Rooftop Date Night

“I’m inviting a date over to my roof for a sunset hangout, full of great conversation, good food and card games by candlelight.

-Isabel Campbell, Designer

Come by our store on Friday starting at noon through Saturday until we sell out and grab your Feste x Alimentari basket. 

June 09, 2022 — Brenna Gilbert