When many people reflect on their hosting inspiration, you often hear tales (some infamous) of mother’s or grandmothers hosting festivities of all types. The holiday tables and birthday parties of our youth are hard to forget, good or bad.

Our team has put together a gift guide based on what we’re gifting our mothers for Mother’s Day this year. From seasoned hosts who are difficult to buy for, to mothers who have candle collections they’re always adding to, Feste has the perfect gift for mom.

Jaimie Crupi, Director of Operations 

I'm gifting these Rich Colored Coupe glasses to my mom this Mother's Day. She will love the color plus we'll already be drinking champagne to celebrate her so they'll come in very handy. I love how pretty they'll look in her cabinet as well. 

Miranda Sherman, Director of Retail & Experience

I'm gifting the Glass Cloche Candle. The vibrant colors of the glass and warm glow the burning candle casts reminds me of spending time with my mom. She’s always burning a beautifully scented candle in every room and will love the delicate nature of these cloches.


Shelby Barnes, Director of Ecommerce

I’ve always admired my mother’s hosting abilities. One time she pulled the dining table onto the driveway because it was a nice night. What a legend. I’m gifting this cake stand because it’s a great size and height, unique to anything she already has but basic enough to go with her more traditional décor style.

Rachel Gannon, Head of Buying & Merchandising

I’m gifting my mom the Match Cloche because she’s got too many candles. It’s time to burn those babies, and this Match Cloche is so pretty and has 120 matches!  It’s a candles best friend. Let’s get littttt!

Alex Munno, Special Projects Coordinator

My mom always puts out an amazing spread for snacking when she has people over! I’m adding this pedestal bowl to cart for her on Mother’s Day because not only could she use it as a statement serving bowl, but it’s a beautiful piece to use as home décor. We love a multifunctional bowl!

Sydney Haymond, Marketing & Experience Manager

Like any good mom, mine loves a candle. Our home has a minimum of 4 burning at all times, but she really takes it to the next level around the holidays, when she fills the house with the scent of fresh balsam. She even has a candle cabinet that she will occasionally walk past, open up and take a big sniff. This beautiful luna candle would be a great addition to her collection because it not only smells lovely, but is beautiful to look at.

Isabel Campbell, Designer

My mom is known for her Lisa-rita’s and she always serves them in beautiful cocktail glasses filled to the brim with the perfect amount of salt. Every trip home, my mom and I will enjoy a glass (or two) of Lisa-rita’s together as we catch up and just talk about life. The Three Cheers to Mom Scene is the perfect addition to her bar cart and another reason to book a trip home for more Lisa-rita’s.

April 27, 2022 — Brenna Gilbert