Here at Feste, we love to make a scene. So, it’s only natural that our hero product would reflect that idea. Our ready-to-party kits – we like to call them Scenes – make it easy to create a memorable gathering on a moment’s notice. No occasion necessary.

If you know and love the scenes we already offer, let us introduce you to our newly launched Scene Edits. These smaller kits, all under $80, each have a unique story to guide you on your next party journey. Sit back and let us make the decisions for you.   

First of all, why Scenes?

All scenes are designed as a one-stop-shop to save you time and money. Looking to host an all-out event? We’ve got a scene for that. Simply expanding your party product arsenal? We’ve got a scene for that too. Plus, the savings are baked in by purchasing in bundle. 

In addition, scenes come in an incredible, reusable, keepsake box—perfect for storing all your products for your next gathering. Also included are our hand-picked, beyond the box tools for hosting and having fun. We share tips, tricks, custom playlists, menus, and curated inspiration, all accessible from your private scene experience page after check-out. 

What are the OGs?

The Scene: Give a Glam

Birthday? Check. Bachelorette? Check. Casual night in with your girls? Also check. This scene covers all the bases for a glitzy good time. Plus, who doesn’t need a disco ball on hand at all times? Just add a sprinkle of sparkle, a dash of Saturday Night Fever, and a whole lot of tasty treats, and you’re good to go.

The Scene: No Bar Like Home

The bar is always stocked with this scene. We include everything you need to stir up an expertly crafted cocktail and a raucous good time with friends, all from the comfort of your own home. Just add a ton of citrus, your favorite bar staples (mocktails also welcome), and a few friends, and you’re ready to shake it up a little. Ok, maybe a lot. 

The Scene: In the Name of Decadence

More is absolutely more with this scene. Turn a Tuesday night into a night to remember with a bacchanalia you won’t soon forget. Bring out the fine china and serve the finest takeout Seamless has to offer.

Feste Essentials: Best of Feste, Small

Whether you are just starting out or looking to restock some key items in your hosting kit, this scene is for you. It makes a great gift for hosting novices. 

Feste Essentials: Best of Feste, Large

To really round out your party cabinet, go for our large assortment of Best of Feste. Complete with everything needed on hand to impress on a Sunday brunch or a wild Wednesday. Perfect for newlyweds or new homeowners.

Introducing, Scene Edits

Party in a pinch with our NEW Scenes Edits, sold exclusively online. All the ease you love of Scenes, now in a petite version for your last minute get-togethers. Insta-party achieved. A size your chic studio will love and a price your champers budget will thank you for.  You ain't scene nothing yet. 

Save 15% when you buy our ready-to-party bundles, just in time for Mother's Day, spring picnics, and kicking off Taurus SZN. Pick your party vibe, lovers. 

Scene Edit: Stars Are Blind

The Y2K kid in us couldn’t resist an homage to the queen, Paris Hilton. Throw together a dreamy day with this scene edit, featuring starry garland and shimmering plates.

Scene Edit: Old School Clamor

Hankering for a cigar bar or prohibition style bash? It is the roaring 2020’s after all. Get started with the chic gold accented details in this scene edit. 

Scene Edit: Sherbet Shenanigans

Is it just us, or is sherbet not spelled how you think it is? Have some fun with this sweet scene edit. Frozen treats not included.

Scene Edit: Gleam a Little Gleam

Who says elegance can’t be served up on a paper plate? Not I! This scene exudes class without breaking the bank. The savings you scored? That will be our secret. 

Scene Edit: Big Disco Energy

In the words of Austin Powers, groovy, baby! This scene gives off big birthday energy with a celebratory banner, candles and confetti and more.

Scene Edit: Rainbow Connection

Color us excited about this rainbow scene edit. Great for a birthday party or pride parade topped off with a fun balloon arch.

April 13, 2022 — Brenna Gilbert