“If you hate it, you can return it.”

The second someone in my family hands you a gift, they will instantly toss out this disclaimer. Clearly, gifts are not our primary love language (we’re quality time people).

When my empathetic and thoughtful husband Andrew spent his first Christmas with us, he was horrified by the casual presence of the return pile. We were in our early twenties and still learning to navigate the culture clash that is our respective upbringings.

“You guys don’t even pretend to like things?” He whispered to me, over the rustling and frenzy of my family’s unwrapping.

“Why would we?” I shrugged. “Isn’t it better to know that the person has something they actually want?”

Older and wiser, I look back at that cavalier attitude a little differently. I love to give gifts. I love thinking through what might make someone smile and feel considered. I love to get gifts. I love when someone has thought of me, has taken time to choose what I might like. I really don't want you to have to return it. 

Feste may be about hosting and all the essentials of getting together, but so people come to us for gifts. Whether it’s a beautiful candle, a one-of-a-kind card, an unexpected update for the bar cart, an interesting book, or hand-tied floral bouquets, Feste has everything you need for the perfect present.

What I’m giving this holiday (Don’t worry, if you hate it, you can return it)

For my friends who are still sad about the return to office, this notebook can be a perfect antidote to business blues (and a place to start writing their next business plan for escape the 9-5). With a soft suede cover and cheeky title, I might even scoop one up for myself. 

For hostess gifts. My friend Justin never shows up to an event empty handed, and I'm always inspired by how thoughtful he is. I'm buying these hand-poured and decadent candles from Lodestone by the case and bringing them as gifts to every event this season. Your hosts will thank you!

For my friend who won't let any red wine in their home. I'm really inspired by a warm burnished palette this season, and I've been grabbing a bunch of brass, soft winter whites, and shimmery golds. This collection of easy gifts is good for that minimalist in your life. 

For my brother and his partner. They're just moving into a new place, and with all the essentials, I'm sure they're not thinking about their bar. I love this easy set from Sir/Madam—soft brass details and hand-blown glass? Sign me up. 

For my sister. These gorgeous hand-made ceramics from Laetitia Rouget are a delight. Heirloom quality and artisan made in Portugal, they're perfect for entertaining or even your own afternoon snack.  

For my event manager, Alex. She loves to puzzle, and these gorgeous sets come with their own curated playlists for a fun night in. 

For my husband. I love Flamingo Estate, and these pantry essentials couldn't be more swoony. He loves great quality and sensorial ingredients, and these fit the bill. 

For myself. I'm such a creature of comfort, and these vintage reclaimed sweatshirts are all I want to wear. Hand-stitched letters and made exclusively for Feste by our partner Kid Sister, I have one in every color. 

Looking for more? We have some wonderful gift guides on the site to help you find gifts at every price point.

December 09, 2022 — Brenna Gilbert