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New Floral Push-pop Confetti

Floral Push-pop Confetti

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If you needed an excuse for confetti, let this playful pop push you over the edge. Made in the US by Thimblepress, we love the ease with which you can launch your festivity handful into the air. The clean up can be someone else's problem.
Floral Push-pop Confetti

Made is the U.S.

Weight: .2lbs.

Thimblepress® knows even the smallest life moments need to be celebrated and cherished, because life is short. Thimblepress® strives to be synonymous with happiness, inspiration and kindness. Regarded with the high integrity, Thimblepress® hopes to impact positive social & community change and encourage children in the world of creative pursuits and careers, just as Thimblepress® owner and founder Kristen Ley was encouraged as a child. We will continue producing innovative products, colorful environments, and have an impact in our own local and state economy. We want to continue to dream big – always.