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Luxe Oversized Candle

Luxe Oversized Candle

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Live your life in the grand scheme of things with this deliciously oversized candle from Cereria Molla, made by the Molla family since 1899. This amber and sandalwood 3 wick has a sweet floral aroma—the darker rose of Damascus, rich and velvety is wrapped in smoked Oud wood. At a burn time of 200 hours, you're in for a grand old time.
Scent: Bulgarian Rose & Oud
Luxe Oversized Candle

Cereria Molla Amber & Sandalwood: spicy aromatic essence with fresh citrus leaves accompanied by persistent sandalwood and a musk with its sweet musky smell and a light touch of woods, perfect to sweeten all the environments of your home.

Cereria Molla Bulgarian Rose & Oud Candle: fragrance of sweet floral aroma. The darker rose of Damascus, rich and velvety, is wrapped in smoked Oud wood.

Cereria Molla uses only the best raw materials and the most exclusive fragrances, and their craft has been developed by the Molla family, generation after generation, since 1899. The philosophy of Cereria Molla has been to manufacture the best candles on the market “no matter the time or the resources used to achieve it.

Measurements: 5" 5" inches.
Net Weight: 21 oz.
Wax: Vegetable
Burn Time: 200 hours.
Wick Count: 3 Scent
Family: Floral

Since 1899, a tradition that is still alive, keeping the original methods, doing things by hand, without hurry, one by one and in this way create unique pieces. More than 100 years ago an illusion began that has passed from generation to generation and that is more alive than ever. We are a family that loves their work, doing everything with the same love and wisdom that gives us a centennial tradition.