Luna Candle

By Skeem
Product Info

Whether waxing or waning, we're moondrunk on this stunning Luna candle. Inspired by the silhouette of the full moon on the horizon, this handblown glass candle from Skeem is made with their signature soy/vegetable based wax and has 180 hour burn time. Shine on, indeed.


Made from handblown glass, this statement candle is filled with a signature soy wax blend in Skeem's best-selling Waxing Moon scent, a heady floral jasmine deepened with woodsy sandalwood and amber notes.

Measurements: 5.5" x 6" inches
Burn Time: 180 Hours
Materials: Hand-blown glass

About the Brand

From day one, Skeem Design has drawn inspiration from around the world to create thoughtful, useful, reimagined products that bring beauty and joy to any home, both inside and out—from signature match bottles and match cloches to candles, incense and perfumes. What’s more, an unparalleled attention to detail translates into a collection designed to be repurposed. An apothecary match bottle becomes a vase for a single flower; empty ceramic and glass vessels that once flickered with candle-lit flames become handy catch-alls for everyday items. Some are accented with etched or carved wood tops; others are tops that do double duty as match tins.

There’s more: Skeem Design’s candles are made with an exclusive soy/vegetable base, while ceramic incense holders are crafted by local artisans. And, in order to reduce the company’s carbon footprint, the collection, which uses as little packing material as possible, is manufactured and shipped from the same US location.