Lucite Backgammon

$100.00 $200.00
Product Info

Dear reader, we once spent a very rainy weekend in which our patient husband tried diligently to convert us to the joys of backgammon. "You'll get into it," he assured us, as he beat us for the 20th time. Reader, we never got into it. Having been thoroughly destroyed at this game about 40 times, we can assure you that we will never get into it. That being said, it now makes an incredibly chic coffee table moment on the off chance that other people might get into it. And, reader, they do. Let this lucite set from Sunnylife lead you down the path of darkness.

About the Brand

Conceived on the beaches of Sydney, the brand was established with a simple goal: to share Australia’s authentic summer style with the rest of the world. Today our products can be found on beaches, in pools and at sun drenched holiday destinations across the globe.

SUNNYLiFE is recognised for its vast seasonal collections featuring every must-have summer item imaginable. Fashion referenced bold graphics, showstopping prints and trend-setting packaging are all part of our trademark signature. We are continually committed to creating a range of sunny essentials that deliver on innovation, quality, style and functionality; the perfect summer range solution.