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French Match Strike, Laurent
French Match Strike, Laurent

French Match Strike, Laurent

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Adding one of these to your bistro table does wonders - ditch the jetlag and gain a trip to France without even leaving your humble abode. These match strikers from Baton Rouge based Bonnecaze Absinthe & Home add an element of class to a kitchen or coffee table, and easily double as a toothpick holder once the "strike anywhere" matches (included) run out. Light it up.
French Match Strike, Laurent

This unique match strike (or pyrogène in French) is a reproduction of those found throughout late 19th and early 20th century Europe. At that time, it was common to see a match striker sitting on a bistro table or bar. The strikers served three purposes. First, the top cylindrical container was used to hold matches. Secondly, the ribbed surface on its side (or base) was used to strike and ignite the match. And lastly, the piece served as an advertising venue. Many companies used items like these to promote their wares, and were usually provided to the bar for free.

100 red-tip "strike anywhere" matches are included with each striker. Green/White-Tip Diamond Matches can also be used and can be found on the internet. A "strike anywhere" match is needed, as regular household kitchen matches will not light. The strikers can also be used to hold a variety of other items, such as toothpicks.

Includes 100 "strike anywhere" matches with each match strike.

Measures 3.5" tall x 3.75" in diameter.

Matches not included.

Hand-painted lines and accents. Imported.

Bonnecaze Absinthe & Home is a business-to-business company specializing in reproducing uncommon antique objects from the turn of the last century France. All items are meticulously handmade with close attention to detail.

The company is based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, but also has a location in Génissieux, France, which caters to our European customers. We are the premier maker and wholesaler of products used to drink a traditional French/Swiss absinthe (cold water drip method), as it was prepared during the 1800s. We are also known to the hospitality and restaurant trade for our authentic reproduction Marble Bistro Tables.