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Jo Landron, 'Atmospheres' NV

Jo Landron, 'Atmospheres' NV

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Atmospheres is to Jo Landron what Fenty Beauty is to Rihanna. It’s his side hustle, but it’s impressive enough to stand on its own. While Jo is best-known as a Muscadet producer, Atmospheres is his sparkling wine, which he makes with organically and biodynamically farmed pinot noir, folle blanche, and chardonnay in the Loire Valley. It’s made using the same method as Champagne so it has notes of brioche and almond to go along with its super crisp acidity. You’ll like this if you like Champagne or need a good wine for a spritz too.

Tastes like: Pear, lemon, green apple, and a little French toast.

How to drink: Pull it out of the fridge for your first bottle of the night. Serve it alongside apps, or enjoy it on its own.