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Dip-Dyed Celebration Candles, Set of 10

Dip-Dyed Celebration Candles, Set of 10

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Giving a whole new meaning to the expression "Hey shorty, it's your birthday," these petite hand-dyed candles are 100% vegan. Though they be little, they're fierce.
Dip-Dyed Celebration Candles, Set of 10

Set of ten lovingly hand-dyed birthday candles in gold/neon look. The colors remain the same, the pattern gradients vary with each candle and make them unique. Dyed in cooperation with social institutions in the beautiful foothills of the Alps. Carefully selected paraffin from regional production in Bavaria.

RAL-certified Low in soot and emissions.

Without palm oil.

100% vegan.

100% made in Bavaria.

Made in Germany.

Hello Neonlovers!

Inspired by a trip with three children in an expedition vehicle, Diana and Dominikus founded the small label Pink Stories over nightly campfires. We are completely in love with color and give all products the neon touch.

Lovingly handmade design products in neon look - candles, stationery, decorative items and much more - all sustainably produced regionally in Bavaria in cooperation with social institutions.