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Floral Confetti, Mixed Bouquet

Floral Confetti, Mixed Bouquet

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You know what's better than confetti? Confetti with flower petals mixed in. Pressed from sustainably sourced, American made tissue paper and mixed with sustainably grown, natural petals picked by hand on a family farm, this festive handful by our favorite Studio Pep is sure to start any party off right. Sprinkle with abandon.
Floral Confetti, Mixed Bouquet

Sustainably grown, natural petals picked by hand on a family-owned, English farm.

Eco-friendly and 100% biodegradable.

Packaged with pep in our PA, USA studio.

Delphiniums petals

To preserve color, keep away from light and moisture.

At Studio Pep® we take great pride in our products. We are firm believers in the artisan process, quality materials and made in America . First, we start with premium, eco-friendly, American-made tissue paper. We blend shiny flecks, which are made in the USA, into some of our batches as well. Each batch is mixed by hand and packaged with love into tubes, packs or balloons.