Steak Knives, Set of 6

Product Info

This knife set is a cut above the rest. Made in France in the traditional method by long-time cutlers Laguoile Claude Dozorme, this keepsake set is a wonderful gift and addition to your collection. Never struggle through your ribeye again.


Set of 6.

Materials: Blade material, stainless steel. Handle material, wood.

Care instructions: Dishwasher safe.

Additional Information: Made in France.

About the Brand

Today, the history of a Claude Dozorme knife is inseparable from the choice of steel. Exceptional cutting edge, simple sharpening, hardness of the blade… These are all qualities that are inherent to the steel used to make the knife. Whether stainless or Damascus, the steel undergoes a strict selection process to ensure it is fully conform to the brand’s quality requirements. Each year, the company converts nearly 10 tons of steel from major steelworks in France, Germany or Sweden.