Bamboo Bottle Openers

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Sure, you could build a lanai overlooking the ocean and while the days away sipping local beers. Or you could simply snatch up one of these bottle openers from Chefanie and channel that same energy from your apartment. Both are chic options.


This bottle opener with a natural bamboo handle is an elegant way to crack a beer or soda.

Measurements: 5.7" x 1.5" inches.
Care instructions. Hand wash.
Materials: Bamboo. As Bamboo is a natural material, there may be slight variations across openers.

About the Brand

Chefanie was founded by New York-based caterer, culinary influencer, and designer, Stephanie Nass. Stephanie studied the culinary arts as a young woman in France and then staged at some of the most highly rated restaurants in Manhattan. In 2014, she founded Victory Club to bring together friends of friends over the culinary and visual arts. In 2016, she created Chefanie Sheets, an innovative dessert accessory to elevate any store bought or homemade dessert. In 2019, she launched tableware and accessories for home entertaining.