Wish Paper

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Wishing, manifesting. Potato, Po-tah-toe. Either way, we're sending our intentions off into the universe in style with this great set. Handmade in the US by TOPS Malibu, we love this as an after dinner activity for your next Sunday Supper.
Title: Silver
Wish Paper

Watch your wish take flight! Great for after dinner dessert wishes, birthday parties, weddings, gatherings with friends & family, and more. Beautiful for table top decor and party favors.

Make a wish. Light the special paper on a plate. Magically, the paper will rise high to the ceiling or the sky & as it floats back down - catch it! Your wish has been released. Good fortune!

Step 1: Crumble paper into a ball. Close your eyes and make a wish.

Step 2: Un-crumple paper and dorm into a cylinder and stand on a plate.

Step 3: Light. The flame will go out in a moment and then...

Step 4: Magically the ash will rise. As it floats back down, catch it!

As people became more interested in spirit, intuition & most importantly connection, I designed games: tea leaf reading with a dictionary of symbols and conversation games to spark people’s interest in each other, piñatas and number sparklers etc

Fond Memories linger which is why now the children of our original customers are also buying TOPS Malibu for their families.

To this day, we are having fun and continue to make our product by artisans in the USA.